Earlier this year, Dave Graham and Jake Huff were asked to be featured on bigbuckregistry.com. The show was written, edited, and produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann.

Video Summary:
Every hunter has thought about owning their own hunting property at one phase of their hunting life or another.  Whether it turns into realty is another story. Sometimes it’s a financial obstacle, sometimes, something else. What’s fascinating is that we often overlook the income potential of owning a piece of whitetail heaven. As Dave Graham, a real estate agent from Iowa,  and Jake Huff, owner and real estate broker at the Huff Land Company, will reveal in this episode, there’s lot to consider when buying a property where the big bucks roam.  Is it a fair price? Can it be financed? What about timber value?  Is there cash flow potential for row crops?  Jake and Dave touch on all these subjects and much much more. Grab a pen and a notebook.  We have lots to talk about.